Publicaties over pensioen

Internationale publicaties

2009 The effects of early retirement incentives on the training participation of older workers, met Didier Fouarge.
Labour, 23:85-109.

2008 Early retirement in Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom: a longitudinal analysis of individual factors and institutional regimes.
European Sociological Review, 24(3): 315-329.

2005  Early Retirement Patterns in Europe, A Comparative Panel Study.
PhD. Thesis Tilburg University, Amsterdam: Dutch University Press.

Nationale publicaties

2009  Pensioenprikkels en arbeidsmarktparticipatie van oudere werknemers.
Economisch Statische Berichten, bijdrage Arbeidsmarkt Statistiek, jrg 94, nr.4555, p. 144.

2006  Vervroegde uittreding: determinanten en inkomensgevolgen, met Bart Huynen en Didier Fouarge.
In Ester, P. en Muffels, R. (eds.), Dynamiek en levensloop: Arbeidsmarkt in Transitie. OSA, Tilburg.

2006  Vervroegd pensioen in Europa.
Tijdschrift voor Arbeidsvraagstukken, 22(2): 109-125. (Lees meer)

2004  Vervroegd uittreden of doorwerken?, met Bart Huynen en Didier Fouarge.
Sociaal-Economische Trends 2004-III, CBS, Voorburg/Heerlen, p.41-49. (Lees meer)


2008  Training older workers. Does it help make them work longer?,  met Didier Fouarge.
OSA-publication A230, OSA: Tilburg.

2007  Book review on Dornan, P., Delivering benefits in old age: the take-up of the Minimum Income Guarantee.
Tijdschrift voor Gerontologie en Geriatrie, vol. 38, pp.157.

2006  Early retirement patterns in Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.
AIAS Working Paper no. 44, Amsterdam Institute of Advanced Labour Studies: Amsterdam.

2004  To retire or continue working? An analysis of the early retirement behaviour of Dutch workers, met Didier Fouarge en Bart Huynen.
OSA-publication A207, Tilburg.

2003  The Ageing Workforce and Labour Market Mobility: Do Mobility Patterns Differ Between Age Groups and Welfare Regimes?, met Ruud Muffels.
European Panel Analysis Group Working Paper no. 44, Institute for Social and Economic Research, University of Essex.



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